(verb) (-a,-hia,-ia,-ngia,-tia) to give authority to, give effect to, give prestige to, confirm, enable, authorise, legitimise, empower, validate, enact, grant.


MANA DIGITAL EMPOWERS your business and staff through its Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) service & Workshops.

We can help you to make impactful, important technical decisions, overcome the challenges and pitfalls, and design a roadmap for the future.


You will know what your business needs to take it to the next level, we will build and execute the plan to ensure the technology supports this growth. All within a comprehensive service, tailored and priced to your needs and budget. Popular areas in which our vCIO service can take responsibility include:

  • Data security and privacy, cyber protection, business continuity and risk management

  • Regulatory control and management of any governance environment (eg GDPR)

  • Business-critical system integration and/or development – such as finance systems, CRM, ERP, Web Applications

  • Defining the useful life expectancy of your existing technology

  • Formulating IT budget to ensure that your technology meets all your company’s needs, even as it evolves

  • Aligning your business and people with the rapid technology changes occurring around it/them

  • Ensuring operational efficiencies



(verb) (-tia) to support, take care of, give hospitality to, protect, look out for - show respect, generosity and care for others.

 Workshop #1  

Get the best out of Free Productivity Tools

We understand that many owners of small to medium businesses feel overwhelmed and apprehensive when it comes to investing in their business technology. 

Why spend hundreds of dollar monthly or yearly when you can access a wide range of free productivity tools right now and make them work for you. 

That’s why at MANA DIGITAL we have developed an personalised Workshop designed to support your unique business needs saving you time and money before you invest in technology

 Workshop #2  

Get the best out of Microsoft Office 365

This workshop is designed to make the most out Microsoft Office 365, if you’re just using email and Outlook to manage your communications, and you’re using core programs like Word and Excel only on a fleeting basis, you might not be getting the most bang for your buck of your investment - Microsoft 365 has so much more to offer

 Workshop #3  

Custom Workshop

MANA DIGITAL has a wide range of talent to call upon to be able to provide you and your staff the with customized training specific to your needs



(noun) extended family, family group, a familiar term of address to a number of people - the primary economic unit of traditional Māori society. In the modern context the term is sometimes used to include friends who may not have any kinship ties to other members.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


mana whakatipu

(noun) aquired leadership - power and status accrued through one's leadership talents, mana resulting from strength of character and force of will, and the means a leader has to enforce those wishes. Also known as mana tangata.




Taupiri te maunga, Waikato te awa, Tainui te waka, Waikato te iwi




Tāwhirirangi te maunga, Mohaka te awa, Takitimu te waka, Ngāti-Kahungunu te iwi



(noun) speech, narrative, story, news, account, discussion, conversation, discourse, statement, information.

to empower Whānau through digital technology so that, together, we can make a difference


 (noun) telephone, phone.

027 542 5242

027 kia  kaha

(verb) be strong, get stuck in, keep going.

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